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Computer Programmers

What do Computer Programmers do? 

Computer programmers write code and do computer programming. They are typically adept at a number of computer languages such as C++ and use their programming skills to develop different kinds of software. A computer programmer may write new software programs from scratch or develop upgrades for existing software in order to resolve any bugs or errors. 

Alternate titles typically used for a computer programmer include software developer and applications developer.

Applications Developer: Although a kind of computer programmer, a software developer has a slightly greater scope in terms of on-job activities. A programmer may be required to exclusively write code for a software. A software developer is not only required to be a programmer but is also concerned with research, design and other aspects of a given software. 

Software Developer: An applications developer’s work is quite similar to that of a computer programmer. An applications developer takes the requirements of a software and then implements them through programming into a fully-functional application or software. 


How do people become Computer Programmers? 

The basic requirement for a career as a computer programmer is proficiency in computer programming languages. In many cases computer programmers with little formal education but great programming skills land high-end jobs. In some cases, expertise in computer science or software engineering may also be a requirement.


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