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How to Enroll in Online Courses at Alison

At Alison, we believe education and skills training should be accessible, flexible and free. That’s why we’ve made it simple to enroll in our online courses . See below for tips on researching, selecting and enrolling in the right course for you. Ready to enroll? Get started on your learning journey. Enroll Today

Understand Your Learning Goals

The first step to enrolling for an online course is to understand your learning goals.

Understanding your learning goals means taking a look at why you want to take an online course. Our learners generally identify one of the following as their primary goal:

  • Making a career move or enhancing current workplace skills;
  • Supplementing or bolstering academic learning;
  • Seeking personal development or growth.

Your learning goals should also include identifying what you already know and where there may be knowledge gaps.

Understanding your learning goals doesn’t have to be a formal process, but thinking through these questions first will help you narrow your focus and find the courses that best meet your needs.

Research Online Courses Offered in Your Desired Subject

The second step to enrolling in an online course is to research available options. Alison has over 5000 courses available - all absolutely free to complete - with new courses added weekly.

Our three study areas - workplace, academic and personal development - are based on the type of learning you want to pursue.

Within those areas, we offer courses in nine subject categories:

  • Technology
  • Language
  • Science
  • Health
  • Humanities
  • Business
  • Math
  • Marketing
  • Lifestyle

Selecting Your Online Course

The third step to enrolling in an online course is to actually select your class.

Alison offers three online course options. Each is self-paced, designed to meet your training needs when and where it works for you:

  • Certificate Courses - streamlined training on a single topic, designed to be completed in three hours or less
  • Diploma Courses - comprehensive training on almost any subject, designed to be completed in eight to 10 hours
  • Learning Paths - combinations of niche courses, designed to be completed in 18 to 20 hours

With 5000 free online courses, Alison makes it easy for you to find something that fits with your learning goals, desired subject area, training needs and time.

How to Enroll for Alison Courses

Once you have selected your desired course or learning path, enrolling in Alison online courses is easy!

  1. Click on the blue “Start Now” button to enroll.
  2. Study when and where you want; all courses are self-paced.
  3. Use our practical learner dashboard to manage your time, track your learning and see your knowledge grow.

Alison is proud to support learners across 195 countries. Enroll today and join them in applying your new knowledge and skills to enhance your career, academic or personal life. Our easy-to-navigate system allows you to narrow your search quickly and find the right learning option for you.

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Additional Considerations for How to Enroll

Since all of Alison’s free courses are offered online, you need only an internet connection and internet-connected device to enroll. When starting out, we recommend enrolling in and completing your first course prior to moving onto the next. This approach will allow you to determine what study style and pace work best for you.