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Understanding Cross-Cultural Communication in International Business

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Understanding Cross-Cultural Communication in International Business
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  • Understanding Cross-Cultural Communication in International Business offers business professionals advice and guidance for communicating effectively with work colleagues and clients who come from different cultural backgrounds.

    The course first introduces learners to the concept of cross-cultural communication and its importance in the modern globalized workplace. The course then describes strategies for identifying both similar and divergent cultural characteristics across different cultures, and why they play an important role in effective cross-cultural communication. Learners will be introduced to potential barriers to cross-cultural communication such as language, religion and food, and the course suggests suitable ways of overcoming them.

    Many business professionals move abroad as part of an international assignment and this course also gives guidance and advice on how best to prepare for moving to a country with a different culture, and effective strategies for living and working within a different culture. This course will be of great interest to all business professionals who would like a greater understanding of cross-cultural communication and how it plays an important role in conducting effective international business.

  • Having completed this course the learner will be able to: - Define and discuss how to facilitate intercultural communication; - Discuss the concept of common and divergent cultural characteristics and list several examples of such characteristics; - Discuss how various styles of management, including Theory X, Y, and Z, influence workplace culture; - Describe how to prepare for an international assignment; - Describe effective strategies for living and working abroad.

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