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Understanding Controlled Drug Delivery Devices

Learn what Nano- and Micro-particles are and how protein adsorption functions in the body in this free online course.

Publisher: NPTEL
This free online course on Understanding Controlled Drug Delivery Devices covers the definitions and classifications of particles and their role in drug delivery. You will learn how the charge and elasticity of a particle can affect the role in the body. You will distinguish between Adsorption and Absorption and the importance of these in both biology and drug delivery and how to quantify these processes.
Understanding Controlled Drug Delivery Devices
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In this free online course, Understanding Controlled Drug Delivery Devices, you will learn the definitions and classification of Nano- and Micro-particles. You will distinguish between these two types of particles and their roles within the drug delivery process. In this course, you will study why particle synthesis is important and how they charge and how the elasticity of the particles can be altered and tailored for different purposes.

Next, you will be introduced to Liposomes and Micelles, and learn their particularly individual and interesting structures as well as their uses and roles within the body. Following on from this, you will be taught how to distinguish between adsorption and absorption. These are crucial processes in biology, and how they affect the human body is vital.

Finally, you will study protein adsorption to biomaterial and pre-absorbed proteins. This will develop your understanding of the use of proteins within drug delivery and general medicine. This course will conclude with a summary on how to quantify these processes. Any person interested in Biology or Chemistry will find this course an interesting addition to their compilement of knowledge and a fascinating challenge. So why wait? Start this free online course today and gain knowledge on various Drug Delivery Devices.

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