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Transferring Big Company Culture to Startups

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Transferring Big Company Culture to Startups
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  • Dominic Orr, CEO from Aruba Networks, started up a small company in a market which was dominated by the likes of CISCO Networks. It was a daunting task bringing his own product to market in competition with such a huge giant of technology.

    In this course Dominic reveals what drove him to follow his passion and see it through to execution. He reviews the fundamental characteristics and support systems needed to bring a small startup business to where Aruba Networks is today. He discusses how it was necessary to bring big company culture and attitudes to his start-up business to maximise productivity from his team of employees so that the business could capitalise on its IPO and bring the company to world-class level. Brutal honesty is a phrase he uses more than once to define how key decisions were made throughout this growing process.

    This course will be of great interest to business professionals and entrepreneurs starting up their own business or growing an existing business and who are competing in a market dominated by large multinational companies.

  • Learning outcomes: - How Aruba was founded and the driving factors to successful; - Discuss the key values to getting the most out of employees; - Understand what drives a person like Dominic Orr to success;

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