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Tourism Industry - Sectors and Career Development

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Tourism Industry - Sectors and Career Development
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  • Tourism has become one of the biggest industries globally generating up to 10% of world GDP. It is a vital industry for the economy of many communities and countries as it supports nearly 300 million jobs globally. There are many sectors in the tourist industry, each of which provides numerous employment and career opportunities. This course provides an overview of the various sectors and describes the type of employment and career opportunities that are available. The course also describes how tourism has been defined by tourist authorities and diplomatic organisations, and how these definitions have evolved over time. The final section describes the four essential elements needed to establish and develop an area as a tourist destination. This course will be of great interest to people who wish to gain employment or a career in the tourist industry as well as people already working in tourism. It will also be of interest to owners of tourism focused businesses.

  • Having completed this course the learner will be able to: - State how tourism and diplomatic groups have defined tourists since 1937; - List the areas within the tourist industry and describe their organisational structure; - Describe the skills, qualifications and experience needed to become employed in each area of the tourist industry; - Name and explain the four essential elements of a tourist destination; - Describe how each dimension of tourism is essential to establishing and developing an area as a tourist destination

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