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Succeeding as a Venture Capitalist

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Succeeding as a Venture Capitalist
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  • In the course, John Doerr talks about how to succeed as a venture capitalist. John is a legend in venture investing having played a key role in the emergence and development of some of Silicon Valley’s most successful companies. He is a partner at Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, joining them in 1980, and has sponsored a series of investments including Compaq, Cypress, Intuit, Macromedia, Netscape, Lotus, Millennium Pharmaceuticals, S3, Sun Microsystems, Amazon.com, and Symantec.

    In this course he talks about what distinguishes successful companies from others. He views entrepreneurs as missionaries and gives valuable advice on assembling a great team of people. He discusses important new disruptive technologies and the impact of social entrepreneurship. He gives valuable career advice and predicts what the future of technology and venture capital will look like.

    You will learn what it takes to become a great venture capitalist and also how to treat negotiations when pursuing initial venture capital funding.

    This course will be of great interest to entrepreneurs and business professionals who would like to find out how venture capitalists work and what it takes to persuade them to financially back your company or business idea.

  • Learning outcomes: - What distinguishes successful companies from all others; - Why entrepreneurs are viewed as missionaries; - Learn that one of the keys to success is a strong partnership; - How to build a strong team and sustain its strength; - What are the important new disruptive technologies; - Learn how Grameen Bank proved to be a creative solution to the never-ending problem of poverty for many small villages in Bangladesh; - Get valuable career advice about starting your own business; - Discover the path to becoming a great venture capitalist; - What will the future of technology and venture capital look like; - How to handle negotiations with venture capitalists.

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