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Snowflake Cloud Data

In this free online course, learn how to create and manage databases using the Snowflake Cloud Data platform.

Publisher: Pavan Lalwani
Increase your data skills by familiarising yourself with the Snowflake Cloud Data platform. In this free online data science course, you will be introduced to the key features of Snowflake such as how to create and manage roles and perform the main tasks on the platform. Learn how to import your data into Snowflake as well as the step-by-step instructions for creating a database and table, and loading data into the table from an external file.
Snowflake Cloud Data
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    1.5-3 Hours
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In this free online Snowflake Cloud Data course, you will learn what Snowflake is, its key features and how to use SnowSQL CLI (Client) to interact with the cloud data. This course provides a systematic approach for any beginner to gradually grasp and get started with handling online databases. You will study the signup process by using a Snowflake web-based user interface and the best practices for managing secure access and data in your Snowflake account. In particular, it provides general guidelines for configuring role-based access control, which limits access to objects based on a user’s role and how to create and assign these roles in Snowflake.

This Snowflake course then describes the database navigation features and takes a closer look at differences between tables, schema and databases. The next piece of content covers how Snowflake provides a full set of SQL commands for creating and managing databases and schemas which leads into the part of your studies that discusses CSV data files. How to upload a CSV data file from a local device to the Snowflake internal stage using the PUT SQL command and loading the CSV file from the internal stage to the Snowflake database table using the COPY INTO SQL command are discussed in detail. The last section of this course will help you understand how to clean your data after importing it from a CSV file which Snowflake performs through its Extract-Transport-Load (ETL) data cleaning function. The course concludes by analyzing the concept of the concatenate function and how it’s used in databases. 

Data plays a larger role than it ever has and is used in nearly every sector and field imaginable. Platforms such as Snowflake make data even more usable and are critical with the advent of BigData in modern times. You should enrol for this Snowflake Cloud Data course if you are working in data science and want to update your skills or if you are a data science or analytics student.

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