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Service Management - Building Service Quality

Learn how to build quality into business services and achieve customer satisfaction with this service quality course.

Publisher: NPTEL
This free online Service Quality Management course will introduce you to building service quality. Service quality is an evaluation of how well a delivered service meets clients' expectations. It is an essential process for service business operators, enabling them to assess the service they provide. This course will help you identify problems in your business, teach you how to assess client satisfaction, and improve the quality of your service.
Service Management - Building Service Quality
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This course will first introduce you to service quality and teach you how to achieve customer satisfaction. You will look into the costs and measures of service quality, learn the right approach to service recovery, and study the tools that you can use to analyze and address service quality problems. You will then look into service failure and learn the reasons why customers complain. The course will also discuss the types of service guarantees and customer loyalty, as well as teach you how to target the right customers.

You will then learn the strategies that help manage and develop customer loyalty and partner relationships in service management. The course will discuss competitive position, portfolio analysis, and the objective of CRM systems. You will learn the common reasons for CRM failures and how advanced technologies in service lines drive business transformation. You will then study the steps in service consulting engagement as well as the benefits and risks of outsourcing services.

The goal of every service business is to constantly improve the quality of their services for enhanced customer experiences. This is crucial in the survival and profitability of their organization. This Service Management - Building Service Quality online course will introduce you to the core dimensions of service quality and teach you how to cater to the needs of your customers. So, enroll in the course today, and start building quality into your business services for more customer satisfaction and retention.

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