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Sales Prospecting and Lead Generation

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Sales Prospecting and Lead Generation
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  • Study the course Sales Prospecting and Lead Generation and learn about the tools, techniques and methods used for identifying leads and prospects, researching and preparing your sales goals and making the first sales approach to potential new customers. The course introduces the sequence of steps sales people follow each time they make a sale. You will learn about prospecting, a vital part of the selling process, where you search for new customers and how to follow up with your leads to turn them into sales. You will learn how to use tools such as direct marketing, cold calling and online databases as sources to identify leads.

    You will also gain an understanding of the sales funnel concept and how it illustrates the value of generating a large pool of leads because many of your prospects won’t qualify or will drop out during the selling process. Next, you will learn about the pre-approach which is a critical step that helps you earn your customers' trust and to sell adaptively. You will learn about using research methods to identify sales opportunities and using pre-call planning worksheets to record your sales objectives. You will gain an understanding of how to identify your customers' problems and goals, how to brainstorm solutions and develop general and specific benefits statements. You will also learn about setting SMART goals and utilising the four Ps, as you plan your sales presentation.

    Finally, you are introduced to the sales approach and the six Cs which will help you make a good impression when you contact your prospect. You will review techniques like preparation, research, establishing credibility and customisation of the sales approach to the individual customer. You will learn about what to do and what not do in relation to sales calls and also the importance of e-mail and online social networks in sales. You will also gain an understanding of the different types of question approaches which involve leading with questions to learn about your prospect and how to engage him/her in dialogue.

    This course will be of great interest to professionals working in a sales or sales management role, and who would like to learn more about the theory and tools used in sales prospecting. The course will also be of great interest to learners who would like to pursue a career in sales or a related field.

  • After completing this course you will be able to: - Explain the role of the seven steps of the selling process; - Define the role prospecting plays in the selling process; - Identify resources to use when prospecting; - Describe how to identify prospective employers; - Explain how to research a qualified prospect and list resources to conduct prospect research; - Discuss how to identify sales needs and opportunities; - Learn how to set SMART pre-call objectives; - List the key elements of presentation preparation; - Explain the role of first impressions and the importance of a strong approach; - Explain how to make contact with your prospect; - Describe the different types of sales approaches.

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