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Psychology - Perceiving the World Around You

Learn about the strange science of human perception with this free and clear online psychology course.

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This course will teach you about the strange and wonderful science of how sensation leads to perception. You will learn about important sensory mechanisms including vision, hearing, touch, taste, smell, and balance. This sensory nervous system is responsible for processing information and “creating” the world you live in. By learning about this complex system through a clear and interesting course, your world will never look the same again.
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This free online psychology course will teach you the crucial external factors and psycho-physical concepts that influence how we perceive the world. In a clear and easy-to-follow manner, the course will first guide you through the figure-ground relationship. You will learn how this is a type of perceptual grouping necessary for recognizing objects through vision. You will then learn the fascinating theory of signal detection and its application in everyday life.

Next, the course will guide you through the Gestalt Principles, which you can learn at your own pace. You will then learn about the forms of perception which include monocular and binocular cues. Finally, the course will show you the strange and unexpected ways that culture can actually influence and distort our very perception of reality.

If you are interested in learning about why we perceive the world the way we do, this is the free online psychology course for you. Along with teaching you the main processes of human sensation, the course will guide you through the external factors that affect perception and the theory of signal detection. This knowledge will really change the way you look at the world. So, start the course now, and get a fascinating new perspective on life.


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