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PRINCE2® Project Management - Practitioner

Learn the PRINCE2 method to effectively manage projects in many different environments with this free online course.

Publisher: Stone River eLearning
PRINCE2 is the world’s most widely adopted project management method, used by people and organizations from many industries and sectors. It is a flexible method that guides you through the essentials for managing successful projects, regardless of the type or scale. This free online project management certification will allow you to gain sufficient expertise to apply and tailor project management methods to a range of project environments.
PRINCE2® Project Management - Practitioner
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PRINCE2® started out in the 1970s as a method called PRINCE (stands for PRojects IN Controlled Environments). PRINCE was a UK government method for managing IT projects and contained IT-specific terminology. The 2nd version of PRINCE or PRINCE2 was published in 1996 as a universal project management method and once all of the IT-specific terminologies were removed, it started to be used in managing all types of projects. PRINCE2 is built upon seven principles, themes, and processes, and can be personalized to meet your specific requirements. This free online project management course aims to provide you with the knowledge and skills to work effectively with the PRINCE2® method. Do you want to improve your expertise as a member of a project management team? Then this course is for you. It will allow you to expand your delivery confidence, meet and exceed business expectations and quickly become a productive member of a project team.

This course aims to support your goal of becoming a skilled professional with a straightforward career path to becoming a fully Registered Practitioner in your own time and at your own pace. The course provides you with a deeper understanding of how the project management principles relate to the themes, processes, composition, and use of the suggested management products. Your essential learning will include how to personalize the themes and processes, prepare for the Practitioner exam, common terminology used in projects around the world, and the methodology that works effectively with knowledge-based practices. The next section teaches you how to properly close your projects to ensure that lessons are captured, and that project assets are protected, as well as a structured approach with controls to provide a delivery methodology that works repeatedly. This will enable you to successfully deliver projects, clearly understand your role, governance, and responsibilities including the triggers, inputs, and expected outputs.

Project Management as a discipline is extremely in-demand because of its vast applications. Any and all fields use Project Management in some way or the other and organizations need certified and professional people with the required skillset, knowledge, and expertise. You should enrol for this free online PRINCE2 project management course if you want to learn how to manage and deliver projects from start (initiation) to finish (delivery) with the right credibility and efficiency.

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