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Physics - Introduction to Motion in Two Dimensions

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Physics - Introduction to Motion in Two Dimensions
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  • Calculating change in motion is a very important concept to master in physics. When change happens in one dimension it is relatively easy to calculate the variable. However, change rarely happens in just one direction so you need to learn how to manage more than one variable.

    This physics course explains how to visually represent each change in a dimension as a vector so that it can be easily understood. You will learn how to add two vectors together and calculate all the relevant information for the resulting third vector. Working through various examples, including different elevations and inclines, you will learn how to solve for any variable through the use of the right-angled triangle and then use trigonometry and quadratic equations to calculate the relevant variables.

    This physics course will be of great interest to students who are studying physics, chemistry, engineering and mathematics and to any individual who wants to learn more about the movement of objects in two dimensions.

  • Upon completion of this course you will be able to: - Break movement into its components; - Use the right angled triangle and trigonometry to solve problems; - Describe how vectors plot against two dimensions; - Solve for one dimension using the other; - Solve to different elevations; - and calculate variables for projectile on an incline.

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