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PHP for Beginners

Learn how to create web pages and applications using PHP with this free online course.

Publisher: SimonSezIT
In this free online PHP introduction course, you will learn how to create web pages and applications using PHP. You will learn about the unique syntax of this server-based coding language and the common mistakes developers make when coding with PHP. You will also be introduced to operators, statements, loops, arrays and function in a PHP environment. This online course will prepare you to successfully create your first web page using PHP.
PHP for Beginners
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This free online course introduces you to the server-side scripting language PHP. You will learn about the early history of the language before delving into the syntax. Included in the syntax are keywords and tags commonly used when creating PHP environments and the subtle differences between PHP and other languages like HTML, C#, and Java. As with any coding language whitespace, comments and variables will be covered. The importance of whitespace and some general guidelines of including it around your code is discussed, as well as the benefits of writing out descriptive comments throughout your program for yourself and other programmers in the futre. You will also be introduced to popular arguments in the PHP community and the background to both sides, from the command to display information to the quotes you use in your code. With the lessons from this course, you will be able to form your own fact-based opinion and add your voice to the argument.

Next, you will learn how to manipulate your code using operators in PHP. Mathematical operations like addition, subtraction and division and comparative operations such as greater, lesser or equal are all covered. You will also be introduced to combination operators and shortcuts to these that you will find yourself using when creating a web page. Continuing with the course you will learn about controlling the flow of your program when you launch it. This will introduce conditional statements to your growing amount of PHP knowledge. These conditional statements will also include the option of using switches instead. Following this, loops used to repeat collections of these statements will be defined. Wrapping up this section you will cover the debugging process while coding with PHP. This will include common mistakes that you could find yourself making at the beginning when you first learn PHP to when you have been working as a developer for an extended amount of time.

Functions and arrays that can be found in PHP will be introduced to you. This includes the types of arrays you can make use of, the thousands of built-in functions you can include in your own program and the similarities and differences from other coding languages that you may have used before. Afterwards, runtime errors will be discussed. You will learn how they can impact your running program and what you can do to find and resolve the problem. This course wraps up with the commands and processes necessary to read and edit external files through PHP written programs. Throughout this course, you will form a solid understanding of the basics when it comes to coding using PHP through course lessons and coding demonstrations. All of which are reinforced by the exercises presented to you throughout your studies. So, why wait? Start this course today and learn how to create web pages and applications using PHP.

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