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Outdoor Education - Adventure

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Outdoor Education - Adventure
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  • This training course offers a comprehensive exploration of Outdoor Education and all its facets. The course takes a broad all-encompassing view and approaches the topic from a psychosocial, anthropological, geo-environmental, historic and marketing angle. This course will be of interest to anyone with an interest in outdoor adventure, either as a personal hobby, or in a professional capacity such as outdoor adventure guide or group leader.

  • On completion of this course you will be able to identify the meaning of adventure through history such as Cook's discovery, Mawson's epic journey, misadventure, exploration and much more. You will know the characteristics of adventure such as safety, cost, group size and other important aspects that need to be considered in adventure. You will have a good knowledge of what motivates people to take part in adventure activities.

    This course will provide you with examples of adventure. You will know the factors that affect you assessing certain types of adventure, the medias influence on outdoor adventure, grading, guidebooks, how to market adventure packages, types of equipment and improvements in technology.

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