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NSDC Course: Auto Service Technician

Learn about the role of an auto service technician and the basics of automobile mechanics, electrics, and safety.

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This free online Auto Service Technician course will introduce you to the automobile industry and the workshop environment, teaching you about the roles and responsibilities of an auto service technician. This course will teach you about the workshop environment, the anatomy of automobiles, and the basics of electricity in the automobile sector. Start this free online course today and start developing your skills as a mechanic!





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The automobile engine is an amazing piece of machinery. With this online course you will gain a strong understanding of the most important engine components, including the flywheel, crankshaft, and piston, to name a few. You will also study the air induction and the EVAP systems, along with cooling, lubrication, exhaust, and power flow processes. The course will then guide you through the differences between petrol and diesel engines.

This course will then give you a detailed look at the main auto body systems, including the differential and suspension systems as well as the wheels and steering systems. You will also be given a run-through of the basics of auto safety systems, including the brake system. The difference between two and four wheeler vehicles will then be discussed. This auto service technician training course will also give you an overview of the soft skills and attributes needed to be successful in the auto service industry.

This free auto mechanic online course will be very useful if you would like to learn more about the role and responsibilities of an auto service technician. This course will also be very helpful for car enthusiasts who would like to learn more about the different aspects of automobiles and how auto systems work. So, check out the course, and invest in a rewarding skill today.

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Introduction to Automobiles

Your Role in After Sales Service Industry

Fundamentals of Workshop

Basics of Auto Technology

Basics of Electricity

Introduction- Test your Learning

Engine Basics

Engine-Air Induction System

Evaporative Emission (EVAP)

Fuel System

Lubrication System

The Engine Systems Part I- Test your Learning

Cooling System

Exhaust System

Engine Management System (EMS)

Propeller Shaft and Drive Shaft

The Engine Systems Part II- Test your Learning

Differential System

Suspension System

Wheels and Tyres

Steering System

Auto Body Systems- Test your Learning

Brake System

Safety and Security Systems

HVAC System

Body Electrical System

Two Wheeler Specific

4 Wheeler Specific

Earth Moving Equipments

Soft Skills

Auto Service Technician-Graded Assessment

Power Flow Systems

Other Systems and Earth Moving Equipments-Test your Learning

General Workshop Tools - Practical videos

General Workshop Equipment - Practical Videos

Workshop Tour - Practical Videos

Tour of an Automobile - Practical Videos

Measurement Gauges - Practical Videos

Diagnostic Gauges - Practical Videos

Starter Motor Inspection - Practical Videos

Front Strut Assembly Inspection - Practical Videos

Disc Brake and Brake Pads Inspection - Practical Videos

Brake Bleeding Procedure - Practical Videos

Parking Brake Inspection & Adjustments - Practical Videos

Head lamp and Tail lamp Inspection - Practical Videos

Radiator Pressure Test - Practical Videos

Rear Shock Absorber Inspection - Practical Videos

Drum Brake and Brake Shoe Inspection - Practical Videos

Propeller Shaft Inspection - Practical Videos

Learning Outcomes

Having completed this course you will be able to:

  • Discuss your role and responsibilities as an auto service technician.
  • Differentiate between safe and unsafe practices in the workshop.
  • Discuss the different engine systems in an automobile.
  • Explain the theory behind good wheel and tyre maintenance.
  • Discuss different safety systems present in an automobile.
  • Define different aspects of the HVAC system.
  • Discuss the difference between two wheeler and four wheeler vehicles.
  • Describe the difference between regular automobiles and earth moving equipment.
  • Discuss the different skills and attributes needed to succeed in the auto service industry.


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