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NSDC Course: Auto Service Technician

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NSDC Course: Auto Service Technician
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  • The course NSDC Course: Auto Service Technician guides you in a step-by-step manner through the basics of automobile mechanics, electrics, and safety. As well as looking at the workshop and procedures associated with the industry.

    This course begins by looking at an introduction to the industry. In particular, this free course will look at the basics of the automobile, auto technology, and auto electrics. The course also helps you to understand your role within the industry as an auto service technician, and the basics of being employed in a workshop.

    You will be introduced to the basics of the engine in two parts. Within these modules you will look at a variety of engine components; including the air induction system and the EVAP system. To help you understand more about the difference between petrol and diesel engines, they will be looked at separately through the fuel system. You will be walked through systems such as the cooling, lubrication, exhaust, and power flow systems. Finally, you will also be informed of the engine management system, propeller shaft, and drive shaft.

    You will look at the auto body systems in more detail, including the differential and suspension system, as well as examining the wheels and steering system. You will also learn of the importance of the basics of auto safety systems, including the brake system. Finally, the difference between two and four wheeler vehicles will be examined, as well as looking specifically at earth moving equipment in more detail. This course will also look at the different types of soft skills and attributes needed to be successful in the automobile industry.

    This course will be of great interest to you if you would like to learn more about the role of the auto service technician. It is also beneficial to you if you would like to learn more about the theory behind different aspects of the automobile, and how the auto systems work.

  • Having completed this course you will be able to:

    • Discuss your role and responsibilities as an auto service technician.
    • Differentiate between safe and unsafe practices in the workshop.
    • Discuss the different engine systems in an automobile.
    • Explain the theory behind good wheel and tyre maintenance.
    • Discuss different safety systems present in an automobile.
    • Define different aspects of the HVAC system.
    • Discuss the difference between two wheeler and four wheeler vehicles.
    • Describe the difference between regular automobiles and earth moving equipment.
    • Discuss the different skills and attributes needed to succeed in the auto service industry.

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