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Modern Human Resource Management - Recruitment and Selection Process

Enhance your human resource management skills by learning the steps of an effective recruitment and selection process.

Publisher: Saylor Academy
Finding the right people to help run a company is a tough job. This is why HR professionals are highly valued in any organization. This Modern Human Resource Management course will teach you in the processes HR professionals use as they define and prepare job specifications and employment compensation packages to attract the right candidates and fill job positions. This expertise will really boost your HR skills, and your résumé.
Modern Human Resource Management - Recruitment and Selection Process
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    1.5-3 Hours
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This free course will first introduce you to the main points in the human resource recruitment process. You will learn about the main steps involved in the selection process, including criteria and job specification development, application review, and test administration, as well as the major categories of employment tests. You will also look at the factors involved in advertising a job and the techniques and legal steps involved in making an official job offer.

After learning how to find the best employees to join your workforce, you will learn the concepts involved in compensation planning and development such as providing the basic salary, holiday pay, health benefits, and retirement packages. You will then cover the different types of payment systems including the internal and external factors that affect them. This recruitment of human resources course will also tackle the main types of employment compensation packages common in US firms.

Hiring competent and productive employees is one thing, keeping them is another. This human resource management recruitment strategies course will teach you effective hiring and retention procedures. It will be of great interest to all HRM professionals and managers who would like to learn more about modern human resource selection and recruitment procedures. It will also be valuable to students who want to pursue a career in human resource management. So, dive into course and learn effective recruitment strategies in just a few short hours!

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