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Modern Human Resource Management - Recruitment and Selection Process

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Modern Human Resource Management - Recruitment and Selection Process
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  • Modern Human Resource Management - Recruitment and Selection Process teaches you in detail the process HR professionals or managers go through as they define and prepare job specifications and employment compensation packages to attract the right candidates to fill job positions. The course also describes the processes involved in the planning and conducting of professional interviews.

    The course first introduces you to the main points in the recruitment process as it relates to HRM, the laws related to the employment cycle and the different recruitment strategies such as recruiting from a variety of sources to ensure diversity. The development of a job analysis, job description, and job specifications are also discussed as well as the factors involved in advertising a job to help maintain a multicultural work environment. Next, you will learn about the steps involved in the selection process such as criteria development, application and résumé review, test administration as well as the major categories of employment tests.

    Different interview styles and techniques are reviewed, as well as how to choose the right type of interview for the job and the formal and legal steps involved in making an official job offer. Finally, the course introduces you to the concepts involved in compensation planning and development such as providing the basic salary, holiday pay, health benefits and retirement packages. The differing types of pay systems and the internal and external factors that affect them are also discussed as well as the main types of employment compensation packages common in US firms.

    This course will be of great interest to all HRM professionals and managers who would like to learn more about modern human resource selection and recruitment procedures, and to all learners who are interested in HRM as a career.

  • Having completed this course the learner will be able to: - Explain the steps to an effective recruitment strategy; - Develop a job analysis and job description and identify specific job skills; - Explain and discuss the steps involved in the selection process; - Explain the various types of interviews and interview questions; - Discuss interview methods and potential mistakes in interviewing candidates; - Discuss the different types of selection models; - Explain the goals of a compensation plan; - Explain the various types of benefits that can be offered to employees.

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