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Gain a better understanding of the features of Microsoft SharePoint 2010 for collaboration on the cloud.

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This free online Microsoft Sharepoint 2010 course will teach you how to store, view, edit, access, and present documents, information, and other media on Microsoft's SharePoint. You will learn how to create your own My Site that gives you a place to manage and store your documents, content, links, and contacts. You will also study how to give permission to others so that they can find your content and information, and a whole lot more.
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Microsoft SharePoint 2010 is a popular Web application platform that allows many people to collaborate on a document at the same time. This course begins by giving you an introduction to the new SharePoint and teach you how to make the switch to the SharePoint 2010 user interface. You will learn how to work with the libraries, navigate the ribbon command interface, view files in your browser, and work with lists. You will also study how to create and edit a new page and a subsite.

You will then learn how to share information in a central place. SharePoint allows you to set up Web sites to store, edit, and create documents from the Microsoft Office suite. You will learn how to collaborate on documents and projects more efficiently, manage documents and content in SharePoint 2010, manage your web content, and use the My Sites feature. You will also look into records management and compliance in SharePoint 2010, and more.

Microsoft SharePoint 2010 is a powerful communication and information exchange system that you can easily share and store files with. It easily complies with security requirements, and give your enterprise the tools it needs for enhanced business processes. Upon the completion of this course, you will learn how to organise and display information, co-author documents, publish and update sites and Wiki pages, and more! Make sure to sign up for his course and enhance your computer skills! 

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Module 2: Share Information in a Central Place

Module 3: Collaborate on Documents and Projects More Efficiently

Module 4: Manage documents and Content in SharePoint Server 2010

Module 5: Web Content Management and Using My Sites

Module 6: Introduction to Records Management and Compliance

Module 7: Finding the Resources Needed to Get the Job Done

Module 8: Make Better Business Decisions

Module 9: SharePoint lists - An introduction

Module 10: SharePoint lists - Create and work with different lists

Module 11: SharePoint lists - Create a List Based on a Spreadsheet

Module 13: SharePoint lists- Techniques for Managing Large Lists

Module 14: SharePoint lists - Exciting Ways to Display List Data

Module 15: SharePoint lists - Handy Tips and Techniques

Module 16: SharePoint Pages - An Introduction

Module 17: SharePoint Pages - Work with Wiki Pages

Module 18: Build and Publish Web databases

Module 19: Final Tips for Libraries

Module 1: Making the Switch to the SharePoint 2010 User Interface

Module 12: SharePoint lists - Create a Custom List

SharePoint 2010 - Second Assessment

Module 20: SharePoint 2010 - Final Assessment

SharePoint 2010 - First Assessment

Learning Outcomes

Learning outcomes: - View files in your browser; - Create different SharePoint pages and subsites; - Share, edit and view documents in your browser; - Navigate sites; - Use views to organise and display information; - Share ideas in a blog; - Co-author documents; - Store and manage documents and content; - Publish and update sites and Wiki pages; - Declare and manage records; - Learn the best ways of searching for finding a document; - Add delete, sort and filter items in a list; - Manage large lists; - Display list data as a bar and pie chart; - Insert pictures, links, tables, videos and web parts; - Build and publish web databases;


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