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Microsoft SharePoint 2010

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Microsoft SharePoint 2010
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  • Microsoft SharePoint 2010 is a popular Web application platform that allows many people to collaborate on a document at the same time. SharePoint allows you set up Web sites to store, edit and create documents from the Microsoft Office suite. Using the application, you can read and enter and change data on a database created in Access and which is stored on SharePoint.

    In this course you will learn how to store, view, edit, access and present documents, information and media on SharePoint. You will learn how to create your own “My Site” that gives you a place to manage and store your documents, content, links and contacts.

    The course also shows you how to give permission to others so that they can find your content and information. You will learn how to quickly and easily search for content which you can store in lists, libraries, sites and collections.

  • Learning outcomes: - View files in your browser; - Create different SharePoint pages and subsites; - Share, edit and view documents in your browser; - Navigate sites; - Use views to organise and display information; - Share ideas in a blog; - Co-author documents; - Store and manage documents and content; - Publish and update sites and Wiki pages; - Declare and manage records; - Learn the best ways of searching for finding a document; - Add delete, sort and filter items in a list; - Manage large lists; - Display list data as a bar and pie chart; - Insert pictures, links, tables, videos and web parts; - Build and publish web databases;

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