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Microsoft Outlook 2010

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  • Microsoft Outlook is a very popular emailing and personal information management application and Outlook 2010 has greatly increased the features and functionality of this software program. This free online Outlook 2010 course illustrates the many new features that extend its workflow capabilities and functionality. The course begins by showing why you should make the switch to Outlook 2010 from previous versions of the software. You will learn how to navigate the ribbon and understand the different tasks that can be done with it. You will learn how to create, manage, and organize your email, calendar, contacts and tasks; and how to enrich your email with attachments and business cards.

    This course will be of great interest to all professionals in any business or organization who wish to organize their schedule or email in a professional manner. Being able to professionally manage your email and personal information is a core skill-set to have in any career. If you have done previous Alison courses such as our Microsoft Outlook 2003 course you will find Microsoft Outlook 2010 is the perfect next step to bring your emailing and personal information management skills to the next level.

  • Learning outcomes:
    - Create, manage, and organize email and contacts;
    - Save time with Outlook Calendar;
    - Organize your time more easily with meeting requests;
    - Organize messages and Automatic Replies;
    - Enrich your emails with electronic business cards and e-mail signatures;
    - Use conversation view to eliminate excess emails in your inbox;
    - Maximize your time with Quick Steps;
    - Stay connected with the new Outlook Social Connector;
    - Manage your information and create RSS web feeds;
    - Use Instant Search to quickly locate a file;
    - Speed up your email with efficient attachments;
    - Create Templates to use again and again.

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Microsoft Outlook 2010
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Modules List( 8 )
  • When you complete this course you can receive an ...
  • Module
    Making the Switch to Outlook 2010
    • In this module learn why you should make Outlook 2010 your emailing and personal information management system of choice.
    • Making the switch to Outlook 2010
    • Find everyday commands in Outlook 2010
    • Create and send messages
    • Read and respond to messages
    • Print and set Outlook options
    • Get around in your Calendar
    • Search and find in Outlook 2010
  • Module 1: Resource View Resource
  • Module
    What's New in Outlook 2010
    • In this module learn more about the new features and functionality of Outlook 2010.
    • The Ribbon, The File Tab and Conversation View
    • Messages and Meetings Features
    • Instant Search improvements
    • Organizing your inbox conversations
    • Calendar improvements
    • E-mail Attachment features
    • Improved features
  • Module
    Get Familiar with the Outlook Calendar
    • In this module you will learn about the Outlook Calendar and its features.
    • Get familiar with the Outlook calendar
    • Calendar basics
    • Create meetings
    • Create recurring meetings
    • Use color categories and follow-up flags
    • Set tasks and reminders
    • Set all-day events and free/busy data
  • Module 3: Resource View Resource
  • Module
    Manage Your Information and Create RSS Web Feeds
    • In this module learn how to manage your information and create RSS web feeds.
    • Manage your information and create RSS web feeds
    • Stay Organized with conditional formatting
    • Conditional formats with calendars and tasks
    • Use your RSS Feeds in Outlook
    • Change settings for your RSS Feeds
    • Manage your RSS feeds with search folders
    • Unsubscribe from an RSS feed
  • Module 4: Resources View Resource
  • Module
    Organize Messages and Automatic Replies
    • In this module learn about organizing messages and automatic replies.
    • Organize messages and Automatic Replies
    • Better than just Date arrangement
    • Introducing Date (Conversations)
    • Reading the conversation map
    • Acting conversationally
    • Switching views and using Search
    • Use Automatic Replies
    • Send replies without Exchange
    • Rules to manage mails by
  • Module 5: Resources View Resource
  • Module
    Electronic Business Cards, E-mail Signatures and Instant Search
    • Learn more about electronic business cards, e-mail signatures and Instant Search.
    • Electronic business cards, e-mail signatures and Instant Search
    • Create electronic business cards
    • Change the look and feel of a card
    • Create e-mail signatures
    • Jazz up your signatures
    • Find it with Instant Search
    • Pile and file with Search Folders
  • Module 6: Resources View Resource
  • Module
    Organize with Templates and Views
    • In this module learn how to organize with templates and views.
    • Organize with Templates and Views
    • Create and use templates
    • Use templates with calendars, tasks, and contacts
    • Organize your mailbox with views
    • See just what you need with custom views
    • Reduce clutter with Conversations view
  • Module 7: Resources View Resource
  • Module
    Microsoft Outlook 2010 Assessment
    • You must score 80% or more to pass this assessment.
    • Microsoft Outlook 2010 - Final Assessment
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