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Managerial Decision Making - Materials and Warehousing

Learn how managers streamline decision-making to make warehouses more efficient in this free online management course.

Publisher: NPTEL
This free online course takes you through the operation of warehouses and explains how they benefit from automation. Decision-making is an essential part of modern management and every choice made in a warehouse has to be precise to avoid damaging consequences. Running a warehouse is not for the faint of heart as it requires decisive leadership and a clear-eyed vision of the future. This course suits anyone interested in warehouse administration.
Managerial Decision Making - Materials and Warehousing
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Would you like to understand the role of warehouse managers and appreciate the many decisions they face daily? This free online managerial decision-making course provides the skills essential to maintaining and controlling warehouse materials. Management decisions made across departments ultimately affect the entire business and warehouse managers are no exception. A slip-up, misunderstanding or delay may lead to a loss of revenue. Purchasing raw materials is an essential part of any business, especially in the manufacturing sector, and their damage or vandalism raises costs. Organizations thus require an efficient warehouse and materials management manager, who deals solely with material that contributes to completing the final product.

We then introduce you to other important aspects of warehouse management. How does a warehouse manager choose where to put materials? How do workers communicate? We answer such questions and explain how materials are properly managed to reduce theft. We lay out different techniques of packing goods in a warehouse, why their classifications are important and the pros and cons of each method. Have you ever wondered how forklift operators do not collide with goods or people in the warehouse? We break down such proven techniques and demonstrate how smart warehouse management significantly improves the overall effectiveness of an organization.

The course takes you through decision support systems (DSS) and shows you how they combine with automation to make warehouses work more efficiently by using artificial intelligence. The warehouse is essential to most organizations and remains one of their most time-sensitive departments. They often define a customer’s experience of a business so we demonstrate how warehouse DSS can confer more control over your inventory and guarantee that customers receive their products on time, which leads to satisfaction and increased profit. Tight control of stock can also help with insurance in the event of damage, fire or theft. This course suits anyone who works in a warehouse or who wants to break into warehouse management. In a world moving past ‘brick and mortar’ retail, these skills gain value every day so sign up to take advantage of new technology and practices.

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