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Introduction to Transact-SQL

Learn how to query databases using T-SQL.

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Learn how to query databases using T-SQL.





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Learn about querying a database using Transact-SQL by studying the course Introduction to Transact-SQL. This course introduce you to constructing queries using the select statement. You will learn to refine your select statements search with various clauses that can be applied to the select statement. This also includes sorting and filtering queries and the method used to do so, along with combining data from different sources within the database.

The course begins by introducing you to what SQL and Transact-SQL. You will learn about the select statement for creating queries and the clauses you can apply to the select statement. You will learn about the various data types that a database can hold, as well as working with NULL values in your database.

Next, you will learn further ways of refining your select statement results by removing duplicates and sorting query results. You then learn about using predicates to further refine your query to filter out results you don’t need. This course also teaches you query multiple tables using joins and different types of joins. You will also learn about combining queries using the Intersect and Except queries.

In the end, you will be introduced to Functions and aggregating data. You will learn about scalar functions and their tasks. You will learn about logical functions and how they work. You will also learn about window functions and aggregate functions and applying them to your queries. This course teaches you filtering using the group by subclause and Having clause.

This course will be of great interest to anyone who wishes to learn about querying a database or would like to learn Microsoft variation of SQL, Transact-SQL.

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