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Introduction to the Human Sensory Organs

Gain a better understanding of the functions and structure of the human sensory organs with this anatomy course.

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This free online anatomy course will teach you about the sensory organs, their functions, and their structure. You learn about each of the senses typically possessed by humans such as vision, hearing, balance, smell, and taste as well as their corresponding receptor organs such as the eye, ear, nose, and tongue. You will also study the different reflexes associated with each of these senses, and a whole lot more.





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This course begins with an introduction to the sense of vision. You will study the importance of senses in the human body, the difference between general and special senses, and the structure and functions of the eye. You will also look into the nervous pathways for hearing, the structure and functions of the ear, and the functions of the maculae, and the semicircular ducts. In addition, you will look closely at the general senses of the body.

You will then study the sensory receptors and olfactory receptors for the sense of taste and smell. You will learn that molecules of various materials are dispersed throughout the air we breathe. This course will also discuss how we get the information that becomes the sensation of smell and sensation of taste. You will look into the olfactory epithelium which is located in the upper recesses of the nasal chambers in the head, the taste buds which are scattered over the tongue and the rear of the mouth, the special hair cells, and more!

Human sensory organs such as the eye, ear, nose, and tongue are central in the processing of sensory information from all the stimuli that bombard the body continuously. Without sensory organs, we would not be able to make sense of our environment and surroundings. After studying this course, you will become familiar with the structure and functions of the sensory organs, the receptor organ for each sense, the reflexes associated with the senses, and the general body sense. Check out this course and learn more about the human sensory organs today!

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Learning Outcomes

After studying this course you will be able to: - Describe the structure and functions of the sensory organs; - List the receptor organ for each sense; - Explain the reflexes associated with the senses; - and describe the general body sense.


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