Introduction to Job Search Skills

Equip yourself with valuable job search skills and discover how to land your dream job with this free online course.

Publisher: Saylor Foundation
Searching for a new job is both an exciting and a stressful process. You have big hopes and fears, and this can make effectively searching for a job more difficult. This course is designed to give anyone beginning or actively involved in a job search the skills they need to find the job they are looking for. From students looking for internships to experienced professionals changing jobs, this will be a very valuable skill-set for almost anyone.
Introduction to Job Search Skills
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First, this course will guide you through the different scenarios of people searching for a job. These include students graduating from school and pursuing an internship as well as people who are returning to the workforce, changing careers, or relocating. You will learn the importance of internship in any career, identify the difference between a career change and traditional job search, and learn the strategies to successfully complete a long-distance job search.

Next, you will receive a clear overview of the Six-Step Job Search Process. This will help you identify and position yourself for the types of jobs you like, figure out what employers are looking for, develop relationships with prospective employers, and stay connected throughout the decision-making process. Understanding this process will be a great help for eventually securing your ideal job.

Confidence, communication skills, poise, and physical resources are important characteristics for nailing your dream job. This job search course will show you how to meet the challenges ahead and come through them with a great reward. It will be of great interest to anyone who is actively looking for employment or considering a career change, as well as for professionals in the areas of career coaching and career guidance counseling. So, check out the course and start moving your career forward today!

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