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Introduction to Job Search Skills

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  • Introduction to Job Search Skills is a course which is designed for anyone who is beginning or is actively involved in a job search. The course covers different scenarios from students looking for internships or entering the workforce for the first time, to experienced professionals re-entering the workforce, changing industry/role or relocating. This course breaks down each scenario and describes what you should do to ensure that you secure your ideal job. You will also be introduced to the Six Step Method which is a structure with six steps anyone can use to identify the types of jobs they’d like, position themselves for these jobs, figure out what employers are looking for, develop relationships with prospective employers, stay connected throughout the decision-making process and fix any problems that might arise, and complete their search. This course will be of great interest to anyone who is actively looking for employment or considering a career change. It will also be of great interest to all professionals in the areas of career coaching and career guidance counselling.

  • Having completed this course the learner will be able to: - Secure a full-time job or an internship; - Choose a potential career path; - Understand how internships can be extremely helpful in your career; - Identify exactly what you want to do and not want to do; - Develop strategies for how to talk about gaps in a truthful and positive way; - Overcome other potential obstacles relating to employment gaps; - Explain the difference between a career change and a traditional job search; - Explain strategies for modifying a job search to account for a career change; - Know what is different when you are looking for a job based in a location other than where you are; - Explain strategies for how to successfully complete a long-distance search; - Understand Six-Step Job Search Process and how it can be used to secure your ideal job.

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