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Introduction to Banking

Learn the most important modern banking practices and procedures, and understand how large banks operate globally.

Publisher: Khan Academy
This free banking course will give you a strong overview of basic banking practices and how international banking works. These days, several modern banks operate globally and hold offices in key financial centres from New York to Hong Kong. These institutions have the power to influence economies around the world, as seen during the recent financial crisis. Understanding how this power operates is very useful information in the modern day.
Introduction to Banking
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This free banking course will first give you an overview of a bank's income statement and discuss what fractional reserve banking is. You will then learn about the multiplier effect, money supply, bank notes, and cheques. Banknotes are the negotiable promissory notes that a bank can issue, and their importance will be made clear in the course. Next, the course will guide you through the important topics of loans and reserve ratios.

Many people have heard of leverage and treasuries but do not fully understand these important financial concepts. This course will give you a strong understanding of these topics so you can better understand the banking system as a whole. You will then learn about reserve bank, open market operations, fed funds rate, discount rate, and the federal reserve balance sheet. Finally, you will given an important overview of federal reserve banking, deposit insurance, and London Interbank Offer Rate (LIBOR).

This Introduction to Banking course from Alison will prove useful to any aspiring business and finance professionals, as well as anyone who would like to learn more about banking and how the global financial system operates. With this knowledge, you can begin an exciting career in banking, or simply become a better informed and more knowledgeable citizen. So, start this course now and expand your knowledge in the modern banking world today.

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