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Introduction to Applied Ecology

Learn some of the fundamental concepts of human ecology, the ecology of change, ecotoxicology and pollution management.

Publisher: NPTEL
Be introduced to human ecology and the ecology of change in this free online course on applied ecology. You will study the impacts of humans on ecology, human population growth, food requirements, and sustainable development. This course will help you learn about plastic pollution and biodiversity, components of climate change, the working of the climate system, ecotoxicology, pollution management and restoration ecology.
Introduction to Applied Ecology
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Look at the impact humans have had on the environment and ecosystems in this free online course in applied ecology. This study will take you through population growth and the effect that has. Is the rising population in the world sustainable? This question will be answered and its many nuances addressed throughout this course. You will also examine a case study of an oil spill and how that event can bring out a change in the ecology surrounding it. Do we know the environmental and ecological impact we have on the world?

This course will help you understand plastic pollution and biodiversity, components of climate change and the working of the climate system in detail. Then, it will help you to learn about applied ecology in greater detail. You will tackle the optimal yield problem and numerical analysis of population size using different theories and graphs. The material then describes the differences between controlled, uncontrolled and secondary pests, and you will explore the impact of pesticides and detailed pest control methods on the environment. At the end of this course, you will study ecotoxicology (the effects of toxic chemicals on biological organisms), pollution management and restoration ecology (the ‘practice of renewing and restoring degraded, damaged or destroyed ecosystems and habitats in the environment by active human intervention and action’).

This free online course will be of significant benefit to those with an interest in learning about or working in the area of applied ecology. If you are planning on studying ecology as part of further education or want to apply for a job in conservation or environmental protection, this course would be of great advantage to you.

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