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Introducing the Five Archetypes of Organizational Culture

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Introducing the Five Archetypes of Organizational Culture
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  • In today’s difficult economic times businesses and organizations are busy trying to just carve a niche for themselves in the market place. Many business leaders and managers lack the time, finance or motivation to consider developing and maintaining a work place culture.

    In this course Andy Freire, co-founder and CEO of Axialent, discusses the five archetypes of culture within an organization and why they are important to develop and grow in any business or organization. These five cultural archetypes are: Customer-focused culture; One-team culture; Innovation culture; Achievement culture; and People-first culture. He explains that it’s not possible to implement all five at the same time but any business leader or manager can start by outlining how important organizational culture is for both their business and employees and build the five archetypes one by one. You will also learn the key values for each of the five archetypes of organizational culture.

    This course will be of great interest to business leaders and managers who are growing a business or organization and who want to develop and grow a workplace culture that will benefit both their employees and customers.

  • Learning outcomes: - Review the are five archetypes of culture in an organisation; - Examine the key values for each archetype discussed; - Understand the importance of diverse cultures in an organisation in order for it to grow; - An overview of how a small organisation can start to implement cultures to their organisation.

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