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Introducing the Art of Negotiation

Learn powerful negotiation tools and gain the confidence and ability to get the best result from your next negotiation.

Publisher: Stanford
In this free online negotiation course Stan Christensen, the co-founder of Arbor Advisors will introduce you to the art of negotiation. In this course, Christensen teaches you how to cultivate the knowledge, skills, and confidence required to negotiate effectively in both your personal and professional life. Negotiation is key to a variety of major events in your life, relationships, pay raises, major purchases and more.
Introducing the Art of Negotiation
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    1.5-3 Hours
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This course will give you a clear overview of the most important considerations and techniques that go into the art of negotiation. Stan will first outline why the skill of really listening is of vital importance when meeting goals at the negotiation table. You will then learn about some essential listening techniques that will allow you to better understand your negotiating partner and show you how to achieve better negotiation results.  

The course will then give you an overview of different types of negotiations and the situations they are used in. You will then be given a detailed and powerful overview of one of the most important negotiations that everyone in life will eventually meet: a salary negotiation. Stan will show you how to negotiate the highest salary for yourself, and will run you through the most common mistakes made in salary negotiations and how to avoid them. By the end of this lesson, you will be much more prepared for salary negotiations.

With negotiation being such an important part of everyone’s professional life, it really pays off to have effective negotiation abilities. This course will give you the confidence to handle your next negotiation with professional skill. Particularly when it comes to your next salary negotiation, this is knowledge that can make a real difference to your life. So get started, and in just 2 hours you will have gained a really powerful and pretty cool skill.

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