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International and Strategic Human Resource Management

Learn how to conduct strategic human resource management in an international setting, with the help of this free course.

Publisher: NPTEL
This free online Human Resource Management course will teach you about internationalization of companies, managing diverse workforces, and international labour laws. Striking a balance between effectively caring for employees and achieving company goals can often be difficult, especially for international organizations, but Human Resource Management techniques can assist you in fostering a productive and happy workforce.
International and Strategic Human Resource Management
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This course will introduce you to international human resource management, its development, the stages of internationalization of companies, and the methods of entry into international business. You will study global employment laws in relation to human resource management, the main employment standards, the approaches to multinational enterprises and labor relations, and international ethics. You will also study the challenges that international human resource management professionals face and the future roles they will need to take on.

You will then study the multilevel model of strategic human resource management and learn about networked organizations and the challenges they face. The course will also cover the different types of networks and their features. Next, you will learn about sustainable human resource management and study the paradoxical tensions in human resource management and the coping strategies used to deal with them. You will also look into the sustainable human resource model.

Running an international organization and handling a diverse staff takes a lot of time and skill. A little bit of extra training can make these tasks a lot easier. If you want to boost your career as a professional human resource manager, you will find the sustainability and coping strategies taught in this free online HR course very useful. So, check out the course for yourself and improve your skill set, and your résumé, in just a few short hours.

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