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Health & Safety - Managing Noise at Work

Learn how noise affects health and safety in the workplace, the ways of controlling the risks, and more.

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This free online health & safety course teaches you about managing noise at work. In this course you will study the underappreciated dangers of excessive noise at work, its effect on the hearing of people in the workplace, and its management for health and safety purposes. You will also learn about the ways of controlling the risks involved with noise at work, reviewing control measures, and the roles different people have in managing noise.





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This course begins by teaching you how to manage noise in the workplace. You will learn that hazardous noise can destroy the ability to hear clearly and can also make it more difficult to hear sounds necessary for working safely. With this course, you will learn that business owners must ensure that the noise a worker is exposed to must not exceed the exposure standard for noise. You will look also into the noise hazard identification and noise assessment process.

You will then look into the ways to control the risks involved with noise at work, the process of reviewing control measures, and the roles of the different people in managing noise. This course will teach you that the most important step in the risk management process involves eliminating or minimising the risks. You will learn that the most effective control measure is to eliminate the source of the noise completely.

Noise management helps prevent hearing impairment in the workplace. Upon the completion of this course, you will gain a better understanding of what is involved in managing noise in the workplace, the process of noise hazard identification, the ways in which to control risks involved with noise at work, and a whole lot more. Sign up for this course and learn more about the different ways of controlling the risks associated with noise.

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