Global Talent Management

Learn how to find and retain employees while bringing out their best with this free online management course.

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This free online management course provides the best approaches to hiring talent and explains how best to keep it. We show you how talent acquisition and retention leads to better working environments driven by fiercer competition. The demand for global talent grows as the world shrinks so it is imperative to find capable employees and keep them motivated. Acquire strategies employed by companies worldwide to find and keep the best of the best.
Global Talent Management
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The term ‘global human resource management’ is used here in the context of international expansion, the erosion of geographical barriers and the increasing popularization of communication technologies that allow people to work as a team. Managing global human resources means talking about the movement of employees and collaborators between the different headquarters of large multinational companies, the establishment of work teams distributed around the globe and the creation of departments with a multitude of employees of different ages, nationalities, cultures and languages. This course teaches you how the human resources (HR) department of ​​a large company should be integrated into the overall business management process. We demonstrate how to effectively manage thousands of professionals in an advanced, competitive and rapidly globalizing world. The role of HR is vital for the success of this worldwide business management strategy and we explain how to optimize synergy between people that work in different time zones with different technology, schedules, contexts and customs.

This course goes through the concepts and tenets necessary to successfully lead the acquisition, development, management and retention of talent within a company. We study the expert implementation of an internal talent development policy to demonstrate the importance of properly trained HR professionals and the competitive advantages they create for their organizations. HR management raises many challenges, including organizational change, and this course offers many perspectives on how to hone your strategies. This helps you to develop a global vision of talent management to respond to the needs and challenges of today’s market.

People are essential to business success and it is thus vital that HR professionals be adequately trained to carry out their tasks effectively. Would you like to know how to approach such management in a great company? This course teaches you how to fluidly integrate talent management processes to fit naturally and fluidly into global management. We help you identify the capabilities that add the greatest value to the company, regardless of its organizational structure, to achieve effective coverage of critical positions throughout the entire organization. This course suits anyone interested in HR and management and hones your leadership skills to the advantage of everyone around you.

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