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Fundraising for the Non-Profit

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Fundraising for the Non-Profit
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  • Christine Benninger was president of the Humane Society Silicon Valley (HSSV) for 17 years.

    HSSV is an independent, non-profit animal shelter that provides high-quality adoptions, medical services, education programs and pet care services in Santa Clara County, California. When she joined the organisation it was in a dire state and this led to her quickly implementing a six-month plan to keep the organisation afloat. In this course she talks about fundraising which is a crucial component of a non-profit enterprise’s success.

    She also discusses how to find the right people, how to separate what she calls the missionaries from the mercenaries and how to deal with the overly passionate. She points out that it is important to find talented people who are both mission-driven and also able to work as part of a team.

    This course will be of great interest to social entrepreneurs and business people who would like to gain a greater knowledge and understanding of running a social enterprise from an experienced and practiced social entrepreneur.

  • Learning outcomes: - What the Humane Society was like when Christine Benninger joined and the changes she made to keep it afloat; - How to find the people with the right passion who are mission-driven and able to work in a team; - How the role of the animal shelter changed due to Christine Benninger’s innovative vision; - Why the price point is crucial whether you’re running a for-profit or non-profit enterprise; - How fundraising is a crucial component of a non-profit enterprise’s success.

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