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Fundamentals of MATLAB and Diffractive Optics in Optical Engineering

Learn about the fundamentals of MATLAB programming styles, Python, and diffractive optics with this free online course.

Publisher: NPTEL
The material in this free course will help you get to grips with MATLAB - a computer program used to analyze data, develop algorithms and create models - as Python for modeling optical elements. Learn from MATLAB tutorials on interference as well as how diffractive optics affects complex optical systems.
Fundamentals of MATLAB and Diffractive Optics in Optical Engineering
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This free online course on the fundamentals of MATLAB and diffractive optics in optical engineering will begin by introducing you to the Python programming language for modeling optical elements along with optical phenomena. You will learn about the history of Python as a programming language, how Python programs are written, as well as the requirements needed to write any simple program in Python.

This course will also introduce you to the interference between two plane waves as well as how to model this simulation in Python. You will analyze the parameters needed to control interference in Python, the programming style in MATLAB, how MATLAB interprets variables along with the basic operations that are mostly used in codes. This course will also teach you how to stimulate interference using MATLAB.

Finally, it will introduce you to how diffractive optics affects optical systems. You will learn about the causes of diffraction and how to use it, plus the limitations of refractive optics in optical engineering. This course will further enhance your understanding of the components of the diffraction grating. Start this course now and improve your knowledge of Python and MATLAB programming as they relate to optical engineering today.

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