Fundamentals of Linear Equations and Word Problems

Learn about linear equations, how to solve word problems, and inequalities from this free online mathematics course.

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Fundamentals of Linear Equations and Word Problems is a free online course that provides learners with a comprehensive guide on the composition of linear equations and inequalities in two or more variables. You will learn how to solve word problems about consecutive integers and the Pythagorean theorem. This course will identify the methods of solving quadratic equations. Start this course today and improve your knowledge of linear equations.
Fundamentals of Linear Equations and Word Problems
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Ever wondered about the formation of the cartesian plane or the operations of linear equations? This free online course on the laws of the fundamentals of linear equations and word problems will start by introducing you to the formation of the cartesian plane, which is done by a horizontal number line, called the x-axis, and a vertical number line called the y-axis. You will learn about the various approaches that can be used to find the linear equation in algebra. This course will further explain how linear equations are solved graphically as well as algebraically using the substitution and elimination methods. Get to learn about the concept of second-order determinants from solving linear equations. Evaluate the process of using a traditional method to solve a system of literal linear equations in two or more variables. This course will then explain how systems of linear equations are solved in three variables as well as how to solve these systems with three independent equations.

Having difficulty in graphing a linear inequality? This course succinctly explains the process of graphing linear inequalities as well as how to solve pairs of linear inequalities graphically. This course further encapsulates the principles along with the methods of solving quadratic equations. Get to study the various illustrations of coin word problems and how to solve a coin problem using either a single variable or two variables. You will also learn about the relationship between three variables in distance calculation along with how to solve number problems using single or multiple variables. This course will then teach you about the formulas for calculating perimeter and area from different word problems. You will get to solve rectangular frame word problems and learn how the work word problems deal with accomplishing a job by two or more people or machines working at different rates.

Finally, you will discuss the concept of the parabola as it relates to quadratic inequalities as well as the turning point of the parabola called the vertex. Explore the different ways of determining the roots of quadratic equations in this course. This course will also shed some light on the methods and techniques that can be employed to graph quadratic equations. By completing this course, you will be able to solve quadratic equations using the completing the square method. You will also explain how this method is used to establish a general formula for solving quadratic equations. This course also discusses the relationship between discriminants and the quadratic formula along with their application to equations. This course is targeted at math teachers, students, engineers, mathematicians, as well as anyone enthusiastic about improving their math skills in algebra. Start this course today and improve your understanding of linear equations, word problems, and quadratic inequalities in algebra.

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