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Chemistry, the study of matter and its properties, explains why and how substances combine or separate to form other substances as well as how substances interact with energy. This is knowledge about the very building blocks of all matter. This free online chemistry course will teach you the fundamentals of chemistry, from the periodic table, compounds, and the groups of elements to atoms, molecules, and chemical bonds and reactions.
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This free online chemistry course will help you get a good grasp of the periodic table of elements and symbols. It will also familiarize you with ions and particles, which are a group of atoms or molecules that carry a positive or negative electric charge and a tiny portion of matter. You will also cover the three states of matter, namely gases, liquids, and solids. The course will then tackle the subject of mixtures, acids, bases, and acid-base indicators, as well as PH scale and meters.

Next you will study chromatography, which is a method of separating many different kinds of chemical mixtures. The course will discuss solidification, dissolution, and decanting (the process where a mixture is allowed to settle and separate by gravity). You will then learn about precipitation or the emergence of an insoluble solid from a solution, as well as evaporation and distillation, which is the action of purifying a liquid. The course then covers filtration and sublimation, which is the transition of a substance directly from the solid to the gas phase.

Chemistry is a part of our everyday lives, whether we realise it or not. An understanding of basic chemistry concepts can open up avenues in a really wide range of careers, as well as help us understand the world we live, sleep, and eat in. This Fundamentals of Chemistry course is ideal as a study aid for secondary school students or anyone interested in learning the basics of chemistry. Check out the course today, and start learning some fascinating knowledge about the matter all around you.

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After completing this course you will understand the periodic table including groups, compounds, metals and non-metals. You will learn the reasons for using various symbols in chemistry. You will understand atoms. You will be able to classify elements and compounds. You will learn about chemical bonds including ionic and covalent bonding. This course will help you to gain a good knowledge of the reactions between acids and metal carbonates. It will teach you the meaning of ions, particles, gases, liquids, solids, soluable and insoluable mixtures. You will understand the pH scale, evaporation, filtration and many more interesting areas of chemistry.

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Course Reviews

Muhammad Anwar B.
2 years ago
Muhammad Anwar B.

this is really a good revision of my previous studied course, its a lot of great knowledge...love it..

Laura D.
2 years ago
Laura D.

This course was a good basic starting point for anybody wanting to study chemistry or know more about the world around us.

Dnj M.
2 years ago
Dnj M.

I enjoyed it very much

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