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Fiscal and Monetary Policies

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Fiscal and Monetary Policies
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  • Fiscal and monetary policies are two strategies used to direct a country's economic goals. Fiscal policy involves the government and how it uses revenue and expenditure to influence a country's economy. Monetary policy is implemented by the central bank of a country and is used to influence that country's money supply. Fiscal and monetary policies are very important concepts to understand in economics as they can have profound effects on the lives and livelihoods of a country's entire population. In this free online economics course you will gain a thorough knowledge and understanding of the economic concepts behind both fiscal and monetary policies and how they are implemented to influence a country's economic goals. You will also learn about supply and demand for money and how this impacts interest rates. This economics course will be of great interest to all economics and finance professionals who would like to learn more about the role fiscal and monetary policies play in shaping a country's economy, and to all learners who would like to learn more about economic policies that can have a direct effect on their lives.

  • Learning outcomes: - Interest as Rent for Money; - Money Supply and Demand Impacting Interest Rates; - Learn how central banks use monetary policy to adjust the money in the market; - See how fiscal policy can change GDP; - Understand that changes to tax or government spending have similar effects.

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