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English Course - Conversations in the Present (Elementary level)

Learn how to make introductions as well as ask and answer questions in English with this free online English course.

Publisher: Advance Learning
This free online English language course teaches you about the present tense. In this course you will learn about how you can use the present tense of verbs to talk about everyday actions in English, how the verb 'be' is used in conversations, the use of capital letters, and the proper way to make requests. You will also learn to ask and answer simple questions in English and study a range of travel-related English vocabulary.
English Course - Conversations in the Present (Elementary level)
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First, you will study the verb 'to be' in the Present Simple tense, using both positive and negative forms. You will learn about possessive pronouns such as 'This' and 'That', the use of apostrophe + 's' to indicate possession such as 'John's coat', and the use of contractions such as 'I'm a doctor' and 'He's not hungry'. You will also study the rules for when to use capital letters, such as for names of people, places, and things.

You will then learn new vocabulary words related to things that you carry in a bag such as a wallet and keys. The course will teach you how to make requests and ask for things, as well as learn when to use 'can' and 'could'. You will study how pronouns are used to identify things in the singular and plural such as 'This' and 'These'. Finally, you will practice using contractions for singular and plural English nouns.

This free online English grammar course will ensure that elementary level English learners receive a clear and simple English education. The interactive learning content, as well as the audio recordings by native English speakers, will also greatly help you to develop your reading comprehension and listening skills. The files are also accessible via smartphones and tablets so learning can be done anytime, anywhere. So, check out the course today and keep your English learning journey moving forward!

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