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E-Commerce - Introduction to Internet Marketing Strategies for Businesses

Learn how to build coordinated Internet marketing and promotion strategies for businesses with this free online course.

Publisher: Global Text Project
This free online e-commerce course will introduce you to internet marketing strategies for businesses. Companies around the world have begun to recognise that the Internet is the ideal communication medium for interacting with a wide variety of stakeholders and audiences. This course will teach you about the most successful Internet marketing strategies and techniques employed by marketing professionals, and how they can help businesses flourish.
E-Commerce - Introduction to Internet Marketing Strategies for Businesses
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    1.5-3 Hours
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This course will first introduce you to Integrated Internet Marketing or I2M. I2M is a structured approach that combines marketing strategy with Internet technology. It promotes the creation of a strategy that uses the full range of Internet mediums such as text, audio, video, and hyperlinking to help you achieve your marketing goals. You will then learn how to make sure that your business' entire web presence is cohesive in order to communicate a consistent message to stakeholders.

Next, you will learn about measuring effectiveness in ecommerce promotion and purchase. You will be shown how to examine the Web as an advertising medium, using established theoretical models of consumer and industrial buying behaviour. You will then learn why the Web is like a cross between an electronic trade show and a community flea market. Finally, you will learn how to move the customer from being a passive Internet surfer to an interactive user of the medium. 

Learning effective online marketing and promotional strategies can seem overwhelming at times. This free online marketing course is designed to make it easy. The course will be of great interest to business and marketing professionals as well as entrepreneurs wanting to expand their knowledge and understanding of effective Internet marketing strategies. The course will also be of great use to any student who wants to learn more about the power of online marketing. So, check out the course and start taking full advantage of the marketing technology at your fingertips!

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