Diploma in Public Relations

Discover the principles and practices used in effective public relations and learn to develop a professional PR strategy

Publisher: Saylor Foundation
For companies, non-profit organisations, and even governments, effective public relations is crucial. If you can develop professional PR skills, you can become a valuable member of almost any organisation worldwide. In this course, you will learn the most important theories and practices of public relations, from how to put together an effective PR strategy, to how to manage a PR team. This will be a great boost for you résumé and your PR career.
Diploma in Public Relations
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    10-15 Hours
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This public relations course will introduce you to the core principles and functions of modern PR. First, you will be learn about the importance of strategic thinking in public relations. Next, you will be introduced to the organizational theory in public relations. In addition to this, you will learn to differentiate and prioritize between the public and stakeholders as PR audiences, which will help you become an efficient PR professional.

The course will then show you how you can use research to improve your public relations strategy. Here, you will be guided through the different types of research and data collection used in PR. After this, the course will discuss different methods of PR data analysis. You will then examine the ethics of public relations, along with the best leadership practices used in the PR industry today.

If you want to improve your PR skills, then this simple and easy-to-follow course is the perfect next step for you. By the end of this course you will have learned how to develop PR strategies using tested public relations theories and practices. This will enhance your résumé, your PR ability, and your professional confidence. So why wait? Check out the course, and start building your PR skills today.


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