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Diploma in Outdoor and Physical Education Studies

This online physical education course will help you launch a career in adventure activities, health, and fitness.

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Working in the great outdoors is a wonderful opportunity. This free Outdoor and Physical Education Studies course will give you a comprehensive understanding of key topics in outdoor adventure and physical education. The course covers important subjects such as coaching and training, physical fitness, outdoor activities, and adventure as well as basic physiology. This knowledge will open the doors to fantastic and healthy career.
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This free online physical education course will give you an introduction to outdoor adventure activities and cover their main characteristics, types, and impact on the environment. You will learn what motivates people to go on an adventure, look at examples of adventure, and study adventure safety, accessibility, timing, and location. The course will also cover grading, guidebooks, adventure as a commodity, outdoor equipment, and land management.

Next, you will study basic muscle physiology for physical education, the heart, and the energy systems as well as how to convert food to energy. The course will also cover the principles of training, training methods, oxygen uptake, fatigue, and recovery. You will also study coaching and fitness, legal and illegal ergogenic aids, sports psychology, and sporting injuries. Finally, the course will cover the relationship between physical activity and society.

They say that if we were meant to stay in one place, then we'd have roots instead of feet. This course is ideal for anyone interested in making a career out of their interest in outdoor activities and health and fitness. It is also valuable for anyone who might like to organise some outdoor events for their personal and social life. Have a look at the course today, and find out where it takes you.

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Meaning of adventure

Characteristics of adventure

Motivation for adventure

Examples of adventure

Access to adventure

Safety in adventure

Timing and location

Different types of adventure

Impact on the environment

The media

Grading and guidebooks

Adventure as a commodity


Ways of viewing the environment


Recreation and land management

Case Study - The Australian Aborigines

Basic muscle physiology

Muscle groups

Information on the heart

Energy systems

Converting food to energy

The principles of training

Training principles

Training methods

Maximal oxygen uptake

Acute responses

Chronic training responses

Fatigue and recovery

The core components of fitness

Assessment of fitness

The role of the coach

Coaching styles

Coaching techniques

Legal ergogenic aids

Illegal ergogenic aids

Sports psychology

Limits to performance

Sporting injuries

Different groups within society

Influences on physical education

Intrinsic/extrinsic influences on fitness

Socio-cultural considerations

Motivational factors

Participation rates

Fact or fiction activity


Learning Outcomes

Studying this course, you will learn about different types of adventure. You will be aware of the degree of difficulty, the risks involved and the skills required in each type of adventure. You will know the different characteristics that are involved in adventure and the various reasons that motivate people to participate in such adventures. You will learn of historical adventures. You will know the high, medium and low accessibility of different adventure sports and the factors that can affect accessibility. You will gain a good knowledge of safety in adventure. You will know the effect that locations and times can have in adventure activities. You will be aware of the equipment used, the environment, conservation, recreation and land management. You will gain a knowledge of the basic muscle physiology, muscle groups, the heart, energy systems, converting food to energy, principles of training and training methods. You will know the maximum oxygen uptake, acute responses, chronic training responses, fatigue and recovery. You will understand the core components of fitness, the role of a coach, coaching styles, coaching techniques, legal and illegal ergogenic aids. You will know sports psychology, the limits to performance and sporting injuries. You will be more aware of different groups in society, influences on physical education, intrinsic/extrinsic influences on fitness, socio-cultural considerations and participation factors.


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