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Diploma in Design Thinking

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Diploma in Design Thinking
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  • Learn about design thinking and activities that designers apply during the process of designing by studying the course Diploma in Design Thinking. Design thinking is a methodology that's not exclusive for designers as it can help people understand and develop creative ways to solve a specific issue, generally business oriented.

    The course begins by introducing you to design thinking for people centred design. You will learn about the seven mindsets for designers, how there is more than aesthetics to design, and the perceived value that people place on what they see.

    Next, you will learn how to examine and reflect on design problems. You will learn about the questions you should ask and how to examine a problem by looking at it from different angles.

    The course then introduces you to research for design. You will learn about the main difference between market research and design research. You will learn about questions you should consider when designing and how to frame these questions for interviewing. You will also learn about a user's mental model and what it is.

    Next, you will be introduced to the storytelling approach to design. You will learn about creating storyboards to visualize your concept and how storyboards can help you with the design process. Finally, you will learn about prototyping, what it is and how it helps your design development. You will learn about paper prototyping and how helpful it is as part of the design process.

    The course then introduces you to usability testing, how it should be carried out and who should be your usability testers. You will learn about debriefing and recording the results of your usability tests. You will also learn about what design freedom is and who should evaluate your design.

    Finally, you will learn about prototype fidelity and how it changes as the design progresses. You will learn about pitching your design and what a design rational is.

    This course will be of great interest to professionals working in the areas of product and service design and who would like to learn more about the techniques and methodologies that designers use during the design process.

  • Having completed this course you will be able to:

    • Discuss design thinking for creative problem solving.
    • Describe mindsets for designers. - Explain people centred design.
    • Describe how to reflect on a problem when designing.
    • Explain how to explore a problem and analyse it.
    • Discuss user research for designing your product/service.
    • Explain the difference between market research and design research.
    • Describe how to frame questions for interviewing users.
    • Explain how to create a persona to help represent your users.
    • Describe the use of insight statements and a design strategy statement.
    • Describe methods for innovation and generating ideas.
    • Discuss idea generation techniques and questions to ask.
    • Describe the process of bundling your ideas to create a concept.
    • Explain how scenarios and storyboards help articulate and visualise your design.
    • Describe how prototyping is a powerful tool for designing.
    • Describe the importance of usability testing.
    • Explain why you should have users evaluate your design.
    • Explain design freedom and prototype fidelity.
    • Discuss why you should record your results from usability testing.
    • Explain the purpose of pitching your design.
    • Describe what a design rationale is.

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    Having an official Alison document is a great way to celebrate and share your success. It is:

    • Ideal to include with CVs, job applications and portfolios
    • A way to show your ability to learn and achieve high results

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