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Diploma in Business Communication Skills

Learn effective business communication skills for the workplace, from professional writing to presentation skills.

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Strong business communication skills are essential tools for career development. With professional business communication skills, you can develop business connections, gain trust, and impress your boss or colleagues. This course, part of Alison’s range of free online courses in business communication, is designed to get you closer to mastering the most important communication skills, from professional writing to business presentations.
  • Duration

    10-15 Hours
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The course will first guide you through the planning process and essential elements of a business document. You will learn the Principles of Written Communication, showing you how to write clearly and how to choose a writing style. Next, you will learn key communication skills for team meetings, including the purpose statement, topic transition, and how to encourage positive contributions and successful conclusions.

You will then learn how to plan effective presentations. This section will cover engagement and public speaking techniques, including how to overcome common obstacles in public speaking. Finally, the course introduces you to the importance of cross-cultural communication. As part of this section you will learn specific business communication skills that are helpful for international assignments and when you are based abroad.

With communication being so important to career progress, it’s worth putting in a little time to get it right. This free course can deliver decades of improvement to your career, and also just a sense of confidence in the workplace. Being able to speak well can really make your day easier and save you a lot of time repeating yourself or clarifying your presentations. So go on, invest that time now and collect the rewards before you know it. Great business communication skills are just a few hours away.



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