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Diploma in Basic German Language Studies

Take this free German language course and learn to converse with simple but perfect German words and sentences.

Publisher: Cambridge University
This free online German language course teaches you about the very foundations of the German language, from basic grammar to essential vocabulary. German is the most spoken native language in Europe, and German speakers have access to a whole new range of personal and professional opportunities. If you want to travel to Germany, or just want to learn a new language, this course's simple tips, tricks, and examples are a great place to start.
Diploma in Basic German Language Studies
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    10-15 Hours
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By taking this online German language course you will gain really helpful German skills for important lifestyle topics. This includes how to buy everyday food, ask a store staff for assistance when shopping, book a room, check in and out of the hotel, report problems, and ask for information and directions from hotel staff in the German language. You will also be taught how to buy medicine if you fall sick, and learn about ordering food and drinks, making table reservations, and asking for the bill in German.

The course will also introduce you to the German alphabet and numbers, and will guide you through basic conversation and introductory words. Audio segments will let you hear the sound of each letter and teach you the correct pronunciation of words. You will then learn the words and phrases regarding time and dates. You will also learn how to say where you are from and ask someone the same. Next, you will be shown how talk about your family and profession, and the remaining modules will concentrate on leisure activities like sports, theatre, and holidays.

This online German language course will not only benefit people working in the travel, tourism, and hotel industry but also business entrepreneurs who deal with Germans and people who plan to travel to Germany for leisure. If you want to impress native German speakers with your communication skills, join the thousands of students taking this class, and gain confidence speaking German today!

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