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Developing Business Ideas The Google Way

Gain better insight into how to develop business ideas and promote an innovative culture the Google way.

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This free online business development course will discuss the role of Marissa Mayer, a product management leader at Google as Google's Vice President of Search Products and User Experience products. In this course you will learn about her responsibilities, and her belief that ideas for new products can come from every employee and department within an organisation, as well as end-users, and how these facts can help grow and improve your business.
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This course begins by teaching you how to develop business ideas the Google way. You will learn that ideas can come from everywhere and you should give ideas credit, not credit for ideas. You will learn the benefits of working in an environment with a lot of smart people and how working on your passion 20% of your time, doing whatever you want, fuels a huge amount of creativity and innovation.

You will then learn the importance of making mistakes and learning from them. With this course, you will realize that people forget about mistakes and if you quickly build the product up and make it better, you will earn their respect. You will also learn that creativity loves constraint, helping you think your way out of the box and do something really interesting. In addition, you will learn that if you have projects that don't seem to be showing the growth trends that they should be showing, you should rejuvenate them till they've gotten fixed, instead of killing them.

In this course, Marissa explains how Google's open culture and flat management of the organisation encourages creativity and brilliant ideas. You will also learn that Google does not make their product decisions on company politics but on data and facts. They put their focus on users and the software tools that keep users returning to Google which have been at the centre of their success. Check out this course and learn more about Google's success and the business practices that created this success. 

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