Design Thinking - Design Research and Analysis

Optimise your designs by learning about design research and design analysis processes with this free online course.

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This free online Design Thinking course will teach you all about design research and analysis. Every design process involves crucial research and analysis phases. By completing these phases professionally, you can help ensure that the end results will be strong and your designs effective. If you want to gain a clear overview of how to conduct research and analysis for your designs, enrol today and bring your design skills to the next level.
Design Thinking - Design Research and Analysis
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This free online course begins by introducing you to research for design. You will first learn about the main differences between market research and design research. You will then learn the key questions you should consider when designing and how to frame these questions in interviews. You will also learn about a user's Mental Model and how this model directly impacts professional designs.

Next, you will learn how to analyse the information obtained during the research phase. You will learn how to derive themes from user stories and how to create a customer journey map. You will then learn about personas, what they represent, and why you need to create one. The course will then guide you through insight statements and why "How might we" questions can help re-frame your insight statements. Finally, you will learn what a design strategy statement is and how it can be used effectively.

By the end of this course, you will have a solid understanding of research and analysis for design, and you will be able to apply this knowledge in a practical setting. These are truly professional skills that will bring your design skills to the next level, and act as a great boost for your résumé. So why wait? Check out this free online course today, and keep your career development moving forward.

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