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Critical Facility: Power Supply Management

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Critical Facility: Power Supply Management
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  • When emergencies happen, organizations, businesses, and individuals all rely on critical systems and facilities that maintain many aspects of their business and lives so the providers systems need manage and maintain the services.

    This course, the first of four, focuses in knowing what industries and areas within a business are considered critical and why. It also looks at power supply in detail as this affect the majority of companies and individuals, covering the different type of power supply, the distribution systems and distribution preventative measures along with ensuring the same operation of electrical systems.

    This course is ideal for learners seeking an introduction to critical facility management or those that would like to gain a better understanding of the importance and functions of these facilities.

  • After completing this course, you will be able to:

    • Describe the basics of Critical Facilities, including operations and critical industries.
    • Understand the fundamental concepts related to power and power sources.
    • discuss utility-based sources of power.
    • Identify types of generator- power.
    • Identify alternative sources of power.
    • Compare and contrast medium and low voltage systems for power distribution.
    • Identify redundancy levels and power distribution topologies.
    • Outline the elements of power supply transfer.
    • Discuss the importance pf preventative maintenance procedures for power distribution components.

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