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Conversational German - From Family to Shopping

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Conversational German - From Family to Shopping
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  • The course Conversational German – From Family to Shopping is designed for anyone who wants to learn to speak basic German. With 120 million German speakers in over 20 countries this course is the third in a series of conversational German courses that lay down the foundations of the spoken language by introducing learners to the pronunciation of words and the use of phrases and sentences through text and audio.

    The course starts by introducing key words and phrases that allow you describe your family and talk about members of your family. You will also be able to ask about other people's families. The course then tells you how to describe your profession, where you work and aspects of your job. You will learn key words and phrases for shopping for day to day basics like bread, cheese, fruit and vegetables.

    You will also learn how to request that you taste a sample of the food. When buying clothes you will learn how to ask for recommendations or assistance in a shop, and ask for an item of clothing by colour. If you are ill you will learn how to describe your symptoms to a pharmacist and request medicine. The content is broken down into key terms and vocabulary. There are also audio clips accompanied by a transcript and translation with additional key cultural and grammatical points being highlighted and explained.

    This German language course will be of great interest to anybody wanting to travel to Germany or a German speaking region, either as a tourist or for business, business people who have regular contact with German speaking colleagues and for any learner who has an interest in speaking or reading German.

  • Having completed this course you will be able to: - Ask about a person’s job; - Tell somebody what your professions is and where you work; - Talk about your family; - Ask for particular breads, cheeses and fruit and vegetables; - Ask to taste the produce; - Ask for recommendations or assistance in a shop; - Ask for something by colour; - Refer to the main parts of your body; - Tell the pharmacist what your symptoms are; - and pay for your purchases.

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