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Communication Skills - Group Work and Networking

Learn about communication skills for effective group work and networking.

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Learn about communication skills for effective group work and networking.
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Gain a better understanding of the most effective ways to work in a group, including theories on group dynamics by studying the course Communication Skills - Group Work and Networking. The course will look at how you deal with conflict, and how you network. 

First, you will be introduced to the basics of building and maintaining relationships. Theories surrounding group dynamics will be examined in detail, including group structures and different types of group. You will also look at the different factors which can affect groups.

You will also examine the important aspects of conflicts, including conflicts within groups. You will look at verbal and nonverbal communication strategies, as well as looking at conflict handling styles. Networking is a vital part of today’s society, and this course will walk you through networking in relation to social media.

This course will be of interest to professionals who are required to communicate as part of their job, either to customers or colleagues. It will also be of interest to anyone who is hoping to enhance their daily lives through improving their group and networking skills.

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