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Colour Theory for Artists and Designers

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Colour Theory for Artists and Designers
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  • Graphic designers, artists, photographers and all those involved in the visual arts need an accurate understanding of colour theory.

    This course from Alison presents aspects of colour and light perception such as hue, lightness and chroma, brightness and saturation, visual perception of colour, mixing paints, and additive and subtractive colour mixing. The comprehensive text is accompanied by interactive graphics that further explain the concepts.

    This course is ideal for any learner who practices the visual arts, either professionally or as a hobby, and who wants to greatly enhance their knowledge and understanding of colour theory.

  • Upon completion of this course you will understand the dimension of colour by observing colour relationships, and selecting and mixing colour. You will know the meaning of chroma, saturation, hue, lightness, colorfulness and brightness. You will know the basics of colour vision, adaptation, colour constancy, simultaneous contrast and assimilation.

    You will learn about colour mixing such as additive and subtractive colour. You will understand the principles of colour that are relevant for painters.

  • All Alison courses are free to study. To successfully complete a course you must score 80% or higher in each course assessments. Upon successful completion of a course, you can choose to make your achievement formal by purchasing an official Alison Diploma, Certificate or PDF.

    Having an official Alison document is a great way to celebrate and share your success. It is:

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