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CLEP Pre-Calculus: Functions and Conic Sections

This free online course examines the difference between relations and functions, along with theorems in pre-calculus.

Publisher: ADU
CLEP Pre-Calculus: Functions and Conic Sections is a specially designed course for inquisitive learners looking to understand functions relevant to pre-calculus. You will also be introduced to various theorems involving conics along with rational, exponential, and logarithmic functions. This course is crucial to students who may be struggling to keep up with pre-calculus lessons taught in school. Enrol today and begin your pre-calculus journey!
CLEP Pre-Calculus: Functions and Conic Sections
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Functions are the bedrock of mathematical equations and expressions. Without which mathematical operations involving addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division would not be of much use. They are also crucial to the comparisons made between groupings of integers to integers, as well as groupings involving real numbers to real numbers. Although relations are similar to functions in mathematics, they are more involved with elements as a subset of the Cartesian product. Database administrators and enthusiasts would find aspects of functions and relations discussed in this course quite useful in various database management systems. This would be specially noticed in Relational Database Management Systems like MYSQL and IBM DB2. For instance, data from tables wrongly pulled out of parent tables in databases are closely related to aspects discussed in this course. Also, a struggle for database learners involving 1 to 1, 1 to many, and many to many relations are explained at fundamental mathematical levels.

Relations can often be confused with functions. You may also have unknowingly been guilty of this too. Want to know the distinction between these two? Take time to complete this course and understand the simple solution to this popular confusion. You will also be able to answer long-debated questions among mathematicians and engineers involving important concepts surrounding functions and relations. One of such questions is: Are all functions relations, and if they aren’t, can two lists disagree on properties of an element? Answers to these questions and more are included to help you learn about mathematical sets and elements. You will learn how to correctly compare input and output elements among sets. Learners will evaluate sample problems that are necessary to ground them in rational, polynomial, exponential, and logarithmic functions. These sample problems are solved in an easy step-by-step manner while enumerating the best ways to end up at the desired solutions.

Pre-calculus has had a long history in the development of scientific theories involving relationships between physical, chemical, and even imaginary quantities. Today, we are surrounded by products of pre-calculus. They include the very building you either are in right now or the one you just stepped out of. Without concepts of pre-calculus, engineers will not be able to find the exact length of electricity cables required to connect the substation where your electricity is gotten from. Also, the beautiful architectural structures we admire all over the world from New York to Singapore are products of pre-calculus involving geometry, graphing, and algebra. All of which are explained in this course from foundational to advanced levels. You will solve carefully analyzed pre-calculus problems from start to finish. This would be done with an evaluation of properties for various functions and conic sections across each step. What are you waiting for? Start your learning journey into the world of pre-calculus now!


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