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Cash Flow Management Basics

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Cash Flow Management Basics
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  • The course Cash Flow Management Basics introduces you to the main liquidity, efficiency, profitability, leverage ratios, and will give you the skills to carry out liquidity and profitability ratio analysis, assess the impact on the financial statements of changes in revenue and costs, and relate them to the achievement of a company’s financial targets. You will also understand how Ratio Analysis is used by prospective lenders and investors.

    The course shows you how to use the information contained in the Income Statement and Balance Sheet to obtain financial ratios. It explains, with examples, the relation between the absolute values of sales, costs, expenses, assets, liabilities and equity as a base to understand the financial position of a company and its likely performance in the future.

    With this course you will gain skills in using financial ratios in management decisions targeted at improved business performance and sustainable growth. You will be able to compare simulated ‘real’ companies in terms of business performance, risk of insolvency, profitability. It gives practical examples on calculation and interpretation of financial ratios that can be related to your business experience.

    This free course will be of great interest to learners who want to gain skills and confidence in using financial information to make decisions with financial implications, and it will improve your ability to communicate financial priorities, issues, and measures.

  • Upon completion of this course you will be able to:

    • Discuss the information contained in the Income Statement and Balance Sheet essential to obtain financial ratios.
    • Explain ratios based on the Balance Sheet and the Income Statement.
    • Make the calculation of LIQUIDITY Ratios, EFFICIENCY Ratios, PROFITABILITY Ratios and LEVERAGE Ratios.
    • Interpret financial ratios of simulated ‘real’ companies.
    • Compare financial ratios of simulated ‘real’ companies.
    • Use of ratio analysis from the point of view of lenders and investors.

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